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My object:

Your objectives

  • keep your property clean, in order and in good condition
  • find solvent and suitable tenants
  • full occupancy
  • optimize yield
  • maintain or increase property value

Our services

a. General management

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  • regularly check rent index
  • regular analysis of the development potential
  • optimal and best utilization of space
  • conclude contracts/agreements for insurance, caretaker and maintenance
  • representation of owner
  • deal with legal cases
  • general supervision
  • regular reporting to owner
  • ongoing reporting and execution of pending matters

b. Rental


  • estimate the value of rent
  • advertising in English, French and German
  • rapid re-letting to solvent and suitable tenant
  • on site viewings with prospective tenants
  • appropriate check of solvency and references of prospective tenants
  • negociate, work out and conclude tenancy agreements
  • draw up contracts, use official forms

c. Financial management


  • collection of rent and other assets
  • check rents and issue reminders
  • charge heating costs
  • control and payment of invoices
  • issue a management accounting
  • general accounting and tenancy accounting
  • monthly bank transfer to owner in order to balance account is included in basic fee
  • bank account set up in the name of owner
  • annual account done within reasonable time

d. Technical management


  • regular inspections and on-site checks
  • ongoing maintenance, repairs and renovations
  • Obtain, check and compare offers
  • Place orders with competent and reliable craftsmen
  • monitor and control orders
  • check maintenance contracts
  • create hand-over reports
  • rapid settlement of claims

 Ask for our offer and benefit from

  • an efficient, conscientious and competent work
  • from our broad experience
  • from a personal and valuable advice
  • of our adminitrativen, technical, financial and legal expertise

We are committed to support you to reach your goals and your interests. You can count on a
efficient and professional management. Call us for an initial meeting and require our management offer so that we can work together to achieve your goals.

For more detailed information: Esther Lauber, Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, telephone 022/300 06 74 or e-mail.


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