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Good management of a condominium ownership management depends on the person of the administrator. He or she has, among other things, an executive function within the community of co-owners. A solid background in real estate and social skills are necessary. The administration of a condominium is demanding.

We offer you the following services:

General management

  • Execution of all acts of joint administration in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations of the condominium as well as the decisions of the condominium meeting
  • Representing the community and the condominium owners externally in all matters of common administration that fall within the scope of the law
  • Periodic discussions with the committee and regular reporting
  • Enforcing the statute and the rules of administration and use
  • Guidance and advice to the co-owners in decision making


  • Drawing up the budget, accounts and annual statement of account
  • Allocation and invoicing of common charges, heating costs and income
  • Collecting the commun charges and the heating and hot water provisions
  • Management and use of available funds in accordance with their purpose
  • General accounting and condominium accounts
  • Payment of invoices
  • Management of the renovation fund

Administrative management  

  • Preparation, organisation, convening and holding of ordinary and extra-ordinary meetings
  • Drafting and sending of minutes
  • Execution of decisions taken at the meetings
  • Presentation of a management report and accounts to the annual general meeting
  • Conclusion and verification of insurance contracts
  • Preparation of amendments to the rules
  • Settlement of disputes (legal proceedings, requisition of legal registration, right of retention, etc.)
  • Conclusion of leases for certain common areas and management
  • Archiving of minutes and essential documents

Technical management  

  • Monitoring the state of maintenance of the building and installations
  • Regular on-site inspections and controls
  • Taking urgent measures to prevent or repair damage
  • Conclusion of maintenance contracts for technical installations
  • Requesting, checking and comparing quotations
  • Allocation of repairs and acquisitions within the scope of competence
  • Carrying out work decided by the general meeting of owners
  • Assisting in the acceptance of warranty works (common areas)
  • Preparation of proposals for maintenance and repair work
  • Hiring the caretaker and gardener, defining the terms of reference, monitoring their work
  • Monitoring and control of the work assigned to the companies and the tasks of the auxiliary staff
  • Handling of claims

The success of the professional administration of your condominium ownership depends on the administrative, legal, technical and financial knowledge of the administrator as well as on his social skills. We have extensive experience and expertise in these areas and will be happy to put our skills and knowledge at your disposal.

Contact us and ask for an offer for an optimal management of your condominium property.

Your personal advisor: Esther Lauber,Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, call 022 300 06 74 or e-mail.


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