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You own an apartment, villa, commercial premises or plot of land in the canton of Geneva which you want to rent out with efficient and professional management. As a property management company, we know the current rental market inside out and will manage your property conscientiously and with skill. We promise to achieve your goals and represent your interests within the framework of the laws.

Our services

Estimating rent and looking for suitable tenants

  • Estimating the current market rental value
  • Offering your individual property to a targeted and international clientele
  • Publishing your listing on our website in French, English and German
  • Advertisements on Internet property websites
  • Creation of a presentation video and, if desired, a 360º video or 360º virtual tour, example: virtual tour
  • Visits to your property arranged as soon as possible
  • Carefully checking rental requests
  • Negotiating, drafting and signing leases
  • Drawing up official notices, etc.
  • Report on condition of premises

General management

  • General monitoring
  • Contacting tenants
  • Follow-up
  • Regular reports
  • Settling disputes

Financial management

  • Collecting rent and fees payable by tenants
  • Checking tenants’ accounts and sending reminders
  • Checking and paying invoices
  • Monthly statements of account with no extra charges
  • Transferring available funds each month
  • General accounting and operating account
  • Prompt annual closing of accounts

Technical management

  • Routine maintenance, repairs and renovation
  • Requesting, checking and comparing quotes
  • Assigning works to competent and reputable companies
  • Monitoring and checking works
  • Technical management and checking maintenance contracts
  • Dealing with incidents swiftly

We offer personalised and invaluable advice and conscientious management.

Call us for an initial meeting and ask us for details of how we can manage your property efficiently and professionally.

For more detailed information: Esther Lauber, real estate manager, telephone 022/300 06 74 or e-mail.

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