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Do you want to find a buyer for your house, flat, apartment, commercial premise or building or plot? Our targeted and serious customers are looking for:

In the canton of Geneva

Villas and houses

  • Detached family villas, semi-detached houses, townhouses
  • Village houses and country houses
  • New, according to plan or old
  • In a good repair or to renovate

Flats, condominiums

  • Freehold flats, condominiums
  • Flats with 4 rooms or more
  • Studios and flats up to 3 rooms or more in the city of Geneva
  • Attics with terrace

Building plots

  • In all building areas
  • With or without building project


  • Small residential buildings or mixed
  • New, recently built or to renovate
  • Sale by name

Throughout Switzerland

  • Investment properties for investors
  • Preferably in the cities of Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and Zug

Recent applications

(List non exhaustive)

  • House in the area of Plan-les-Ouates, Troinex, Veyrier, Onex, Lancy, Confignon, max. CHF 2'000'000
  • Studio in the city of Geneva for investor, max. CHF 500'000
  • small building with 2 flats and a commercial space of 50 m2, 2 parking spaces, in the area of Plan-les-Ouates, Troinex, Veyrier, Lancy, Confignon
  • Small building or village house with several apartments and eventually commercial premise on the ground floor
  • Investment property in Zurich

Our customers are already expecting your offer.

Would you like to find quickly a serious and solvent buyer and sell your property at the best possible terms? You can profit from our long professional experience and our knowledge of the market if you entrust the the sale of your property to us. Contact us for the sale of your property.

For more detailed information: Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, real estate broker, tel. 022 300 06 74 or e-mail.