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The lease for a garage, outdoor or indoor parking space or box is for the parking of a motor vehicle.

Parking spaces rented together with a dwelling or business premises

If the garage or parking space is rented together with a dwelling or business premises, the provisions for renting dwellings and business premises apply (Art. 253a CO). If it is rented separately, it is not subject to these provisions. This distinction is important because, for example, the notice periods are different.

Drafting the tenancy agreement

Although a tenancy agreement can also be concluded orally, it is recommended to draw it up in writing. It must comply with the provisions of tenancy law. Clauses that violate the mandatory provisions of tenancy law are void.

The essential elements of the tenancy agreement:

The parties to the tenancy agreement

The landlord or tenant may be an individual, several individuals, a couple or a company. The landlord is often represented by a real estate trust. The persons signing the lease must be of legal age and able to exercise their civil rights. A company must be registered in the commercial register.

Object and purpose of the lease

The object may be an indoor or outdoor garage, box or parking space and is intended for the parking of a motor vehicle. Any other use is excluded.

Duration of the lease and renewal

The duration of the lease and its renewal may be freely determined. The lease may be concluded for a fixed or indefinite period. If the garage is rented together with a flat or business premises, the notice period is the same as for the main property. If rented separately, the minimum notice period is 14 days to the end of the month. This minimum notice period is mandatory and may not be shorter but longer. In case of early termination for cause, the notice period is 30 days to the end of the month if the garage is rented together with residential or commercial premises, or 10 days to the end of the month if it is rented separately. You can also find more details on termination in my article and video on termination of the lease by the landlord and termination of the lease by the tenant.

The rent

The amount of rent must be stated in the tenancy agreement. The rent must be paid monthly in advance to the landlord's address or to his bank or postal account.

Insurance to be taken out

The tenant is obliged to insure the vehicle at his own expense against all risks of fire, water damage and burglary

Maintenance and cleaning of the garage

The tenant s obliged to treat the rented object with care and to keep it clean and in good condition. The storage of flammable or hazardous substances as well as the washing and maintenance of vehicles is prohibited, unless an appropriate room is provided.

Special clauses

Special clauses may be agreed.

Tenancy law

Tenancy law is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Ordinance on the Rental of Residential and Commercial Premises.


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