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Duration of the lease

In principle, a lease for commercial premises is conclued for an initial period of 5 years. Other periods can be negotiated.

Conditions of the lease

A lease of the five-year variety is indexed in accordance with the Swiss consumer price index. An adjustment of the rent can be determined only once in each twelve month period. The parties can agree to fix the rent in relation to commercial returns. The mimimun notice of termination is six months. There is no limit to the sum required for an bank guarantee for commercial premises, and it can be more than three times the rent. If the rent is not paid, the landlord/lessor has a right of retention (a right to withhold) on the tenant's furniture, goods and possessions.

The costs of adaptation associated with a professional activity are usually the responsibility of the tenant, who must ask for the landlord's written consent in advance. The landlord/lessor must give his written consent in advance if a sign is to be affixed to the premises.

The function of the premises is stipulated in the lease. The tenant cannot change the function of the premises without the previous permission of the lessor.

© Esther Lauber, Property Fiduciary with Federal Diploma of Higher Vocational Education and Training


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